The Top 5 Ways Burglars Get Into Your Home


Burglar Breaking Into Home
There is not a single moment in a day when your house can be considered safe from burglars. There are no standards or strategies that a burglar may adopt to break into your home. Once a house is burgled, the residents are scarred with a trauma and it is not easy to get out of a feeling of insecurity as they do not feel safe in their own houses.

There are five major ways that burglars aim for and they create particular situations or characteristics when selecting how and where to break in –

  1. The main door or the front door is the primary entry point – Burglars find it easy to get in through the main door. If the lock is not sturdy, they manage it with a crow bar. There are times when many people forget to even lock the main doors be it day or night. Homes that have tall privacy fences are a disadvantage for the homeowners as the movements of the burglars cannot be seen by the neighbors. High vegetation like shrubbery or trees that cover the windows could also be giving an advantage to the burglar as they will provide a cover for hiding. Shrubbery can also help in camouflaging the signs of a break-in. Many burglaries will take place during the daytime when homes are vacant and when they are occupied by just two persons and not a big family. Some main doors even have window panes, making it easy for burglars to break the pane near the lock set and reach in easily to unlock the door. You also have to remember that the burglar carry bump keys so that they can manipulate any door open. Another common method of operation is to use the Euro-profile lock system. This involves a set of mole grips that are placed over the lock barrel. With a simple turn and a bump or a snap, the bolt will shatter in the door lock. The handle will appear as if it has not been damaged on casual inspection.
  2. There are some burglars who keep an eye on a home through the first floor window. People inside the house like to keep the screened window open most of the time if it is a nice day. Even if the window is closed, the burglar is prepared and experienced enough to remove its frames. Tools can be used to break the windows open. Screwdrivers can also be used to remove the window frame beading to pull the window out of the mounting.
  3. Back door – This is mostly neglected by homeowners. Burglars tend to make their points of entry at the rear door or a side door.
  4. Garage door – This is the fourth commonly used point of entry for house break-in. Basement windows and garage doors have remained popular entry points with burglars. It is imperative for homeowners to keep such windows and doors locked at all times. Burglars may also use children or petite females to enter through basement windows, bathroom windows or even pet doors.
  5. Tiles of the roof – Burglars can drag any wheelie bin to the side of a kitchen and climb on to the flat roof to gain access. Roof tiles can be removed by attacking the masonry with the help of a hammer at a secluded spot. Some burglars have even dismantled the chimneys to gain an entry to the attic spaces.